This makes the stainless-steel Camping Cutlery set ideal for camping and campfire adventures:

5-piece Cutlery set: knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon, snack fork
High-quality and robust material: continuous stainless-steel core so that the Cutlery lies well in the hand
Handles made of walnut wood: with striking grain and retro look
Eyelet: hang on the rucksack or in the van using a strap
Easy cleaning: clean Cutlery by hand with water
Whether you are in the camper, the van or in the forest with your explorer rucksack, the 5-piece Cutlery set is always at hand for your outdoor meal. The knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon and snack fork are made of robust, matt stainless steel. A continuous stainless steel core guarantees that the cutlery sits comfortably in your hand during every adventure.

The practical 5-piece cutlery set for outdoor use

Thanks to the high-quality knife with right-hand double serrated edge, you can cut your freshly grilled meat easily and use the rounded shape and wide blade to spread herb butter and more. In a set with spoons and forks, the sharp knife is the perfect tool for every use.

The Camping Cutlery set with handles made of real wood: original character for the outdoor kitchen

The Camping Cutlery with the lasered Petromax lettering is not only functional, but also fits perfectly into your outdoor kitchen thanks to its original character. You can personalise your camping cutlery with a strap that you pull through the eyelet to hang it up in your camper or on your rucksack. The high-quality stainless steel is easy to clean by hand with dishwashing liquid and water.

With the Petromax Camping Cutlery you have the right Cutlery for every meal and can enjoy your adventure meal wherever you are.

Technical details
Material: stainless steel with matt finish, walnut wood (handles)
Total weight, approx.: 234 g