Power Station Runhood RALLYE 600 PRO


– Portable
– 1296 Wh capacity, 1200 W peak power and 600 W AC power.
– Fast charging via solar panel, car and wall socket
– 4 batteries and 1 solar panel included

Replaceable battery

The Runhood RALLYE-600-PRO powerbank with interchangeable batteries is an impressive multi-functional device that combines cutting-edge technology with high performance. Designed to meet the needs of adventurers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, this powerbank sets new standards in power and mobility. The innovative technology of a hot-swappable battery allows you to swap batteries on the go without a power outage.

The Rallye 600 Pro portable power bank is equipped with 4 lithium-ion power bar batteries that can also be changed on the fly. Most importantly, the power bars can be charged individually, in an advanced portable frame structure for unlimited, long-lasting power for each and every use.

Unique Modular Design. The only modular power station on the market. Replaceable battery allows users to swap out batteries when power runs out. No more waiting for recharging. Energy bar batteries can be recharged individually anytime, anywhere.

With a capacity that far exceeds conventional powerbanks, the RALLYE-600-PRO offers the ability to charge your electronic devices multiple times, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, camera or other USB-powered devices. Thanks to its amazing power capacity, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice on the go again.

Best suited for camping and home backup. 1296 Wh capacity, 1200 W peak power and 600 W AC power. Fast charging via solar panel, car port and AC outlet. For most camping activities and home emergencies, such as mini coffee makers, phones, laptops, portable refrigerators, etc.

An outstanding feature of the RALLYE-600-PRO is its ability to interchange its batteries. Instead of relying on a single internal battery, you can simply use interchangeable batteries to extend the runtime of your powerbank. This is especially handy for longer trips or expeditions where access to power is limited. The included replaceable batteries can be conveniently charged, and additional batteries can be purchased for even longer operating time

The operation of the powerbank is extremely user-friendly. It features well-placed buttons and an informative display that shows the current charging status and other relevant information. The built-in protection mechanisms ensure safe use and prevent overcharging, short-circuiting and other potential hazards

Runhood’s RALLYE-600-PRO powerbank with replaceable batteries is a reliable power source that will accompany you on your adventures. With its high capacity, battery-replaceability capability, and durable construction, it’s the ideal solution for anyone who needs reliable power on the go.

With solar panel

The SERI 100 solar panel for camping can fully charge the portable power station or replaceable batteries.

Power 8 important devices at the same time without worrying about overloading. With a variety of outlets, from 600W AC outlets to USB-C, all your devices’ outlets are covered.

Included in delivery

1 x Runhood RALLYE 600
4 x Runhood battery 324Wh
1 x Runhood AC adapter
1 x Runhood USB adapter
1 x Runhood Seri100 Solar Panel
1 x Runhood MC4 CABLE


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