Why the Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal basic equipment for your cooking adventures:

  • Griddle Plate and Fire Bowl in one product
  • Made in Germany from sturdy and resistant steel
  • Natural non-stick effect thanks to patina that occurs from seasoning
  • Stackable and therefore versatile
  • Minimal size due to unscrewable support legs (without tools)

The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal foundation for intense barbecue adventures. Even as a beginner, you will achieve professional cooking results. The three support legs can be easily and quickly attached, allowing your Grill Plate to sit safely over the fire. Once you have seasoned the equipment, you can start grilling right away. Meat, fish, vegetables, a proper portion of scrambled eggs or full stir-fried dishes – with the Grill Plate you have the utmost flexibility. You can decide whether your preparation needs full or moderate flame power by positioning it either in the centre or on the outer edge.

The Griddle and Fire Bowl can optimally be used for strengthening yourself and your crew on outdoor adventures or for warming up, as it can also be used as a Fire Bowl without any hassle. You can grill at will, even without the availability of a fixed fireplace, by simply stacking the Griddle and Fire Bowl on top of each other according to their size. You light the campfire in the bottom bowl and on the top plate you can barbecue your food. The Griddle and Fire Bowl, with its minimalist touch, offers you the best conditions for a successful barbecue.

Technical details
Material: steel
Dimensions: 30 x 67.6 x 56 cm
Dimensions with packaging: 6.5 x 57.5 x 58 cm
Weight: 7.1 kg
Weight with packaging: 7.65 kg
Extension via support legs: 23 cm

Scope of delivery
1 x Griddle and Fire Bowl
3 x support legs
1 x user manual