Original QUICK FIST clamp – Item #10010 /Par


Quick Fist original tool holder HQF10010

This tool holder is ideal for objects with a diameter of 25 – 57 mm.
Each bracket has a reliable load capacity of 11 kg. In the set, the load capacity is 22 kg.The tool holders are easy to assemble and the mounting surface of the holder is 64 x 19 mm.
The plastic was tested in accordance with AfPS GS 2015: 01 PAK and is suitable for long-term skin contact.
  1. Use a # 10 bolt or screw to secure it in place. Do not over tighten.
  2. The Quick Fist tool holder can be mounted in any direction.
  3. To clamp, simply clamp the tool between the clamping jaws.
    Then press the strap with both thumbs and tighten it accordingly.
  4. For special uses, such as roof racks with round tube frames, you can
    mount the tool holder using hose clamps. Make sure the hose clamp
    is on the plastic washer to avoid damaging the rubber tool holder.
  5. For items with a small diameter: without a strap, press the
    clamping jaw into one of the others, then pull the strap over it.
  6. Quick Fist can also be used as a pipe holder (especially suitable for ships).
    Do not use for exhaust pipes.
For high lift jacks:
  1. For the best results,
    mount three Quick Fist Holders evenly along the steel tube of the hoist.
  2. Drill a hole in the Quick Fist holder with a 12 mm drill.
    Use a 65mm long 10mm bolt to attach the holder (see picture).
  3. To assemble the hoist, hold it parallel to the three brackets.
    Put the end of the hoist cable into one of the Quick Fist holders, with the bolt through the steel tube, then
    you loosely close the holder. Then place the steel pipe in the other two holders. If all
    three holders carry the hoist, the holders can be fixed accordingly.

A new Quick Fist tool holder fresh from the factory may be stiff.
Open the jaws vertically with both hands and pull on each one or two times.
Close the jaws and loosen and fix the strap a few times. Now you can mount the tool holder.

If the Quick Fist tool
holder is used for objects where the maximum opening dimension is necessary, the holder will not work with the hand. The holder must be mounted on a solid base so that the rubber can stretch properly.