Quick Fist Long Arm tool holder HQF40010

This tool holder is ideal for objects with a diameter of 13 – 114 mm.
Each bracket has a reliable load capacity of 23 kg and a breaking load of 55 kg.Installation is simple and takes place using two 6 mm bolts or # 14 wood or metal screws with washers.
The plastic was tested in accordance with AfPS GS 2015: 01 PAK and is suitable for long-term skin contact.
  1. The tool holder can be mounted in any orientation; However, if the holder
    is mounted vertically, it is easier
    to loosen the strap from the locking hook or to fix it there when the strap is hanging down (see picture above).
  2. Install the holder with either two 6 mm bolts or two # 14 wood
    or metal screws and washers. Tighten screws or bolts.
    Do not over tighten, however, as the rubber will simply stretch.
  3. If the strap is attached to the larger locking
    hook , the strap can be tightened and additionally fixed to the smaller hook (see picture 1) or the rest of the strap
    is rolled up and then fixed to the smaller hook