Tailgate Organizer – rear door trim system Nakatanenga NATGO-JK-EHT


Tailgate Organizer – tailgate organiser system for various vehicles.

Where to put all those little things in the touring vehicle? First-aid kits, multimeters, work gloves, winch controls, tyre repair kit etc.? – all that needs to be stowed away. The Tailgate Organiser makes use of the mostly unused space on the tailgate. In several pockets with MOLLE attachment system (abbreviation for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), all kinds of small items can be stowed and are at hand when they are needed.

The advantages of MOLLE Laser-Cut compared to MOLLE with stitching:

  • lighter in comparison, as much less sewing material is used
  • quicker to attach and detach e.g. first aid bag
  • flatter than sewn MOLLE
  • prevents unintentional snagging
  • optimum hold and no slipping