Ventiladores de Janela Universais (2un.) LBLH-UNI


Ventiladores de janela universais, compatíveis com vários modelos de viaturas.
Particularmente importantes para quem viaja com animais e não Só!
Igualmente disponíveis por encomenda, modelos específicos para as seguintes viaturas.
-Jeep Wrangler
-Mercedes ML
-Land Rover Defender
-Range Rover Sport
-Mercedes Class G
-Peugeot Boxer
-Fiat Ducato
-Citroen Jumper
PS.Se pretender para um modelo de viatura especifico contacte-nos por telefone para disponibilidade pf.


Good air circulation as with slightly open windows and still no higher risk of rainwater entering or theft than with closed windows? In addition, protection against various insects?

It works: with our ventilation plates, made of aluminum – no chattering universal parts that “somehow” hold! For a subtle appearance, the sheets made of aluminum, which are supplied in pairs, are black powder-coated.

These grids are not vehicle specific, they can be adjusted with high-quality screw caps between 450 and 625 mm in width and thus cover a variety of vehicle types.

Due to the design of the universal grids, unlike the vehicle-specific models, no mosquito nets can be installed – nevertheless, the ventilation plate provides more protection against insects than an open window.

Ideal not only for campers and dog owners, also to avoid the heat accumulation when parking in the blazing sun. Add to that the super easy installation: turn down the windows, insert the ventilation plate, turn the windows upwards, and you’re done!

Please note: At high temperatures animals do not belong in a parked car even with sufficient fresh air!

The ventilation plates are sold in pairs.