Tailgate Pad Loading Protection HORN TOOLS


Loading Sill Protection The horntools Bike Pad protects your tailgate from unwanted scratches and dents. But also your cargo such as B. Bikes are safe. Thanks to the padding, the fork and paintwork of your bike are optimally protected.

The pad is suitable for all PickUps with a loading flap from 137 cm. In addition to being used
for bicycles, the pad can also be used for surfboards, long loads and much more.

Special features:

The horntools protective mat has 5 lashing straps, which also have a Velcro fastener.
So you can ideally attach the load to your mat. The inside of the pad has a very fine surface
made of velor that prevents the paint from being scratched. Thanks to an opening on the rear side, you can still open your loading flap using the handle. Furthermore , the opening enables the reversing camera to continue to be used. With all the optimal protection, the bike pad is not a substitute for sensible load securing. The load can easily be fixed against the side, but the pad is primarily a protection for your bike and your truck.

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (WxH): 137 x 81 cm on both sides of the loading area