Sistema Modular Molle Universal Completo para Banco de Viatura


Set Completo MOLLE de Bolsas de grande Qualidade incluindo bolsa de Primeiros Socorros destacavel com Velcro.



Are you familiar with that? The Cubby Box overflows, the glove compartment is tiny and long before the car approaches the tipping angle, everything slips or flies through the area, which was “quickly” somewhere stored. Stop it! The modular, MOLLE-compatible panels for seats, headrests and sun visors give everything that must remain within reach within a short time, its place in the vehicle. They expand the existing storage space enormously, are customizable and flexible and can be optimally combined with our MOLLE bags, our tensioning and fastening straps or the Quickfists for attaching heavy objects.

The panels are available individually or as a set with our MOLLE bags.

Material: PE plastic