Quick Fist tension belt with holder HQF11050
The lashing straps are weather and UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures from -51 ° C to +60 ° C.
If you ever need longer straps, you can button two straps together to
almost double the length . In general, securing with two straps is safer than just one.The tension belts can be used in work and emergency vehicles, off-road and
military trucks, ATVs, boats and much more. Propane tanks with 13 kg, water containers with 40 L, canisters
and similar items always require two belts.The lashing straps have the dimensions (LxWxH) 965 x 38 x 5 mm and the plastic used has been made according to

AfPS GS 2015: 01 PAH tested and is suitable for long-term skin contact.


  1. Select the holes that you want to use to attach the hooks.
    (The top of the hook on the end you want to tension should be about 2 inches from the anchor)
  2. Lubricate the holes you have chosen with oil (WD 40, Vaseline or similar).
  3. Then stretch the strap so that the strap hole goes around the bottom “button” of the hook.
  4. If you are only using one lashing strap, place it in the center of the item;
    two should be 1/3 of the item from the top and bottom.
  5. Two or more straps can be tied together using the connector provided.
    (Two straps have a total length of 1778 mm).
  6. Lubricate the holes you want to use with oil, WD 40, Vaseline or something similar and then stretch the strap so
    that the strap is held by the lower “button”, repeat this for all four holes.