Heavy duty pull-out PESADA 600kg 1500mm x 1100mm PickUp Cargo Slide


PESADA heavy-duty pull-out

With our heavy- duty pull-out , the focus is on functionality. The PESADA was developed primarily
for the professional sector. When extended, the pull-out can hold 600 kg
and is therefore even suitable for forklift loads. This is precisely why the pull-out is ideal for construction companies,
fire brigades and hunters. But it can also be ideally used in sports and leisure.

Accuride locking system

A highlight of the equipment of the drawer extension is the Accuride locking system with 7 locking positions along
the travel path . Designed for fire brigades and other emergency vehicles, it is designed for daily use with nominal load.

In order to cope with the heavy weight load of the Cargoslide, the locking bolts are made of tool steel.
This guarantees that in an emergency, one of the two bolts can withstand the payload alone (without permanent damage). The guide system
consists of a total of 22 ball bearings, all bearings are insulated and thus defy environmental influences.

Frame and side wall

There are 6 stable screw points with M10 threads built into the superstructure, on which customer-specific superstructures can be
fixed. If the pull-out drawer should be opened in sloping terrain and fully extended with the release pressed,
massive end stops are attached on both sides, which slow down the force of the maximum payload.

The side walls not only serve to position the load, they are designed to hook lashing straps into them.
In addition, the two side panels can each be moved outwards by around two centimeters, so that
the space available in your loading area is optimally used. The pull-out offers enough space to load a Euro pallet sideways.

All side walls can be unscrewed or only the rear side wall can be used alone. It
should be noted that the screws of the unused side walls are still screwed into the birch panel.

Modular structure

Thanks to the modular structure of the Cargoslide, individual parts can be obtained and exchanged in the event of damage.
Since the loading flap of most pickup vehicles is not straight in the open position, but rather upwards
, an extension for the “drop cable” can be ordered as an option.

This is necessary because the drawer pull-out extends very just above the floor of the loading area. By inserting
the extension, the loading flap opens a little wider so that it points slightly downwards. Alternatively, spacer plates can be
placed under the support surfaces of the Cargoslide.

Technical specifications:

  • Dead weight: 75 kg
  • Extension length: 1000 mm
  • Dimensions loading area (LxWxH): 1511 x 1100x 89 mm
  • max.payload: 600 kg
    • However, this must not exceed the loading capacity of the basic vehicle.
    • If anti-slip mats are not used, the maximum load is reduced by 50%.
      You can find the right anti-slip mat here: Anti-slip mat heavy-duty pull-out
  • Frame construction: S235JR
  • Loading sill: stainless steel 304 (particularly corrosion-resistant even under heavy use)
  • Cover plate: birch screen printing plate, sealed on the reverse for the purpose of weather resistance

  • The extract is suitable for the Volkswagen Amarok up to model year 2019. Adjustment work is necessary for newer models.
  • On vehicles with a load space liner, the load space liner must be removed in order to mount the heavy-duty extension.
  • We recommend coating the loading area with Herculiner for protection before installation.


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