Hanging Grate for Cooking Tripod Art.h-grate50


Mobile swivel grill and cowboy cooking place all in one

The Hanging Grate for the Petromax Cooking Tripod widens your outdoor kitchen by an original grilling experience at the campfire. The chromium-plated steel grate is suspended in no time on the hooks of your Cooking Tripod by means of the three stable chains and is ready for use instantly. You can comfortably adjust the distance to your cooking place via the length of the Tripod chains. Due to the natural swinging movement your strengthening meal is only exposed to the blazing flames in intervals and therefore, cooks gently.

Large grilling grate provides space for fiery taste

Steaks, filets and even vegetables absorb the intensive wood fire flavour and get the typical grill pattern due to the grated structure, thereby remaining especially juicy. At the same time the all-round raised edge keeps the food well in place. That way you can impart some extra swing to your grilling area and start to enjoy the pleasure of swivel grilling. With a surface diameter of 50 cm you have enough space for fiery meat dishes which will satisfy several empty stomachs.

Get a taste of original grilling over the fire with the Petromax Hanging Grate.



Technical Details

Material Hanging Grate: steel (chromium-plated)
Material chains: steel (zinc-plated)
Diameter grate: 50 cm
Height edge: 2.7 cm
Weight (overall): 2.3 kg
Length (overall): 37 cm