This makes the Petromax Cleaver Knife a robust knife for the powerful cutting and slicing of meat and bones:

Made in Germany: handmade in Solingen, city of blades
each piece is unique: individual oxide layer gives the Cleaver Knife a special look
Precise cutting: sharp blade by grinding the knife by hand
robust materials: stainless steel and walnut handle
in Petromax design: lettering and dragon logo
The Cleaver Knife for the original cooking adventure
The Petromax Cleaver Knife is a handmade knife made in Solingen for cutting meat and bones. It is the ideal way to combine cooking and nature in the outdoor kitchen, because high-quality steel and a robust handle made of walnut wood ensure that the rustic knife becomes your reliable tool. The special feature: The individual oxide layer gives the knife an outstanding look and makes it unique. The blade of the Petromax Cleaver Knife is 17 cm long and is hand-hardened and sharpened in Solingen. These features make your Cleaver particularly sharp, durable and resistant – an indispensable utensil for your outdoor cooking experience.

Petromax Cleaver Knife made in Germany – unique craftsmanship and awareness of nature
You bring regional products to the table: The Cleaver Knife with a 17 cm long steel blade is the robust and rustic knife for powerfully cutting and slicing a piece of meat or meat on the bone, e.g. for T-bone steak or a leg slice. The special feature is its high weight, which allows you to use it effectively. So you can experience original outdoor cooking, as the 4 mm thick blade cuts easily through any of your ingredients. Continuous steel and the seamlessly riveted handle ensure safe handling and hygiene.

Cleaver Knifes from Solingen for the discerning fire cook: sharpening by hand honing
Petromax knows what outdoor chefs love: A special look combined with the high demands of campfire cooking. With expertise, our product developers designed and created a knife that is particularly durable.

Globally, Solingen stands for the craft of blacksmiths and grinders. Swords, knives and scissors have been produced in the city of blades since the 13th century. Long tradition and skilled craftsmanship are seals of quality for the Solingen knives, which stand out with their high cutting ability and workmanship.

Your first class cooking knife
After cooking outdoors, simply clean your knife with water; if it is very dirty, you can also use a little dishwashing liquid.
The Petromax Cleaver Knife is your individual knife that scores with strong design, precise sharpness and perfect workmanship: the oxide coating and the outstanding hand-crafted grind make your Cleaver Knife your personal tool.

Technical details
Material: stainless steel, material no. 1.4116
Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 2 x 32.5 x 7.6 cm
Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 2.1 x 37.2 x 12 cm
Weight, approx.: 465 g
Weight with packaging, approx.: 560 g
Blade length: 17 cm
Material thickness blade: 4 mm
Grinding angle: 20 °
Rockwell hardness: 56 HRC