REF. TM-9353732

A tree anchor strap is commonly used to attach a winch cable to a tree. To do this, the belt is placed around the tree and the two loops are hooked into the winch cable. Of course, the tree anchor strap can also be used as a recovery strap for towing or pulling free. The name Baumankergurt, English Tree Trunk Protector, comes only from the length of the belt and its usual purpose.

Under no circumstances should you lay the cable of a cable winch directly around the tree and hook it into yourself with the hook. A steel cable would cut into the tree and the cable would buckle and be damaged on the hook. Even with a synthetic rope, the kink on the hook would lead to a significant reduction in the breaking load. Rubbing on the tree when tightening could damage individual fibers of the synthetic rope.

T-MAX tree anchor straps are made of nylon. The two ends are folded, reinforced and protected with an additional cover.