CargoBear 2.0 crossbar – Suzuki Jimny II 3 unidades


Pack a bear on your roof, the CargoBear! Or, in this case, our new bear cub. The modular roof rack system that has revolutionized the attic conversions on top of Defenders and G-Wagons is now also available for the Jimny II.
The small workhorse from Suzuki is a big performer but has one major disadvantage: the Jimny – due to conceptual constraints – suffers from massive lack of space on the inside. Farmers, foresters and other friends of the 4×4 quickly reach the limits of the Mini-Defender when storing tools and equipment. With the CargoBear for the petite Japanese, there is now a modular and highly flexible roof rack that can be individually adapted to your needs. And what’s best: the CargoBear can grow with your tasks.
The key elements in our modular concept are the deep black, high-quality powder-coated crossbeams made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. They are entirely Made in Germany and two or three of these cross bars already make up a sturdy and highly versatile roof rack with a great number of lashing points and custom extendability. Longer gear like ladders, ski or surfing equipment, kayaks and many other objects can be transported safely and securely on the roof of the little grasshopper.
If your requirements grow over time, you can always turn the bare crossbeam structure into the full platform by adding the remaining panels, the wind deflector and the end bracket.
The cross beams are supplied with two clamps each and all the necessary fastening material.

Material: Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy (AlMg3), high-quality powder-coated
Color: Deep Black RAL 9005
Width: 1346 mm (1313 mm usable space)

Measured from the gutter, the Cargobear is approx. 23 cm high. On the roof it is approx. 5-6cm – depending on the roof, condition, year of construction etc.

-Suitable for all Cargobear 2 roof racks